Valerie Snyder's knowledge of Northern Michigan and Charlevoix real estate markets and related legal issues benefit all of her clients. Her experience can help you understand your rights and obligations, while at the same time, simplifying complex processes.

Property Tax Disputes

Property tax assessments can cause homeowners a lot of distress and headaches. Assessments can have a lot of inconsistency and if you feel your assessment is not fair, contact Valerie Snyder today. Valerie can review your case and determine the best way to dispute your assessment.

20 Years of Experience in Northern Michigan
Lady Bird Deeds

Lady Bird Deeds are a popular estate planning technique in Northern Michigan. The purpose of utilizing a Lady Bird Deed is to transfer property to your heirs. When drafted properly, they simplify the transfer of your real estate to your heirs upon death. This can have many benefits for both you and your heirs.

  • Lady Bird Deeds avoid probate
  • Beneficiaries can sell the house on the death of the grantor and not pay taxes on the proceeds.
  • Because the transfer is not complete until the death of the grantor, it is not a lifetime gift and not subject to gift taxes.
  • The Lady Bird Deed lets you keep your home as an exempt asset when you apply for medicaid assistance.
  • Your property taxes will not be reassessed with this transfer.
  • Because this is a transfer outside of probate, a claim cannot be filed against the home for medicaid repayment.
Family or Cottage LLCs

Northern Michigan is known for its abundance of vacation homes, cottages and cabins that have been passed down from generation to generation. Valerie Snyder has extensive experience in creating cottage or family LLCs. The ultimate goal of the cottage law is to give generations of a family the ability to enjoy their vacation home for years and not have to worry about losing it. Cottage LLCs are not just for million dollar vacation homes. If you own any type of second home, regardless if it is a small hunting cabin, modest lake cottage, condominium or an extravagant vacation home, a cottage LLC could be beneficial for you and your family.

  • Cottage and Family LLCs
  • Family Facilitation and Mediation
  • Family Usage and Rights
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Succession Planning
  • Real Estate Tax Planning

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